About us

We as a professional exhibition services abroad, a combined exhibition dedicated to Internet technology and traditional country for exhibition service combine to provide the most professional, the most delicate, the most intimate of the country for exhibition services for exhibitors. Our comprehensive services cover four sections: trade shows, professional forums, market research, training, to create and provide high-quality services for exhibitors.Shandong Chuanghe Exhibition Services Ltd. covers four main business segments: business exhibition contractors at home and abroad, to provide trade information exchange services, training, and self-organization industry inside and outside the business.

CES dedicated to the exhibition of modern Internet technology with traditional services combined, for various industries to provide professional producers, traders, delicate, intimate product platform; the same time through data analysis to provide timely and accurate business information to customers; and according to customer requirements for its tailored professional forums, market research, product promotion and business training and other services.

Exhibition co-creators rely on geographical and resource advantages to domestic and overseas market demand, highlighting the personalized service, and strive to integrate resources and industry segments. Companies with a pragmatic and efficient team of professionals in the food, building materials, clothing, machinery and other traditional industries to build service platform, but also modern logistics, electronic information, medical care and other industries to provide you with careful service.