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Show time: 25-29 April 2016
Venue: Exhibition Center, Hannover, Germany
Holding period: one year term

Show Description:

Hannover Messe is the world's top, top-ranked professional, involving industry's largest international trade fairs, the annual session of the exhibition was founded in 1947, so far 69 years of history. It not only has the world's largest exhibition venue, but also high-tech, is recognized as one of the Global Information industrial design, manufacturing, technology and international trade, the most important platform. Development so far, the exhibition has nothing wrong to call it ---- "global industry's flagship trade show" and "the most influential industrial products and technologies involved in the most extensive international industrial trade fair."

2015 Hanover Industrial Fair was officially came to an end on April 17, a five-day event attracted 6,500 exhibitors from 70 countries and regions, of which as many as 900 Chinese exhibitors the number of exhibitors and nearly 13,000 square meters the exhibition area of another Chinese exhibitors scale high, in addition to becoming the host country up to foreign exhibitors. The exhibition not only shows the industrial innovation, but also for corporate communications networking industry, development of potential customers a platform, the harvest of exhibitors and visitors rave reviews. In "Industry Integration - Network family" as the theme of the 2015 Hannover Messe has scaled new heights, so that exhibitors and participants from industry, business and politics from big enlightening. The exhibition pays particular attention to digital manufacturing, human-machine collaboration, innovative solutions and smart energy sub-systems, the current hot topics. More than 220,000 trade visitors (including 70,000 visitors from outside Germany) by the Hannover Fair this platform to understand the latest technology and make important investment decisions. "Hannover Messe 2015 clearly shows: Industrial 4.0 era is already coming, and is swept every industrial field of digital integration is becoming an important part of modern manufacturing industry, and this trend is bound to fast forward.."

Market analysis:

2016 Partner Country: United States - industrial giants return to the peak.

Eleven in 2016 will be the first US appearance as a partner country of Hannover Industrial Fair, the United States is working to strengthen its industrial base, its production of digital and integrated automation field and is growing rapidly, at the Hanover Industrial Fair, the United States will demonstrate a high image producers and excellent investment destination. As President Obama recently repeatedly stressed that the United States welcomes foreign investors. United States to join, will inject new vitality into the Hannover Fair and bring new opportunities.


(A), industrial parts and sub-contracting and technology exhibition:

Contracting and sub-contracting: forgings, fasteners, screws, pieces of metal products, forming a solid, non-cutting technology parts, machine cutting metal parts, auto parts, components and assembly of metal structures, tools and tooling, standard parts, mold , locks and accessories, plastic parts and rubber processing, production and assembly services, contract services, engineering services; production, assembly, packaging equipment, bearings, chains. Materials: steel, aluminum and other metals, ceramics, polymers (construction materials), composite materials, and other various industrial materials and compounds

(B), Industrial Automation Show:

Process control and automation exhibition, exhibition factory automation and industrial building automation Exhibition

Electric Transmission: Common industrial electric motors, special industrial motor, servo motors, small motors general, special design of small motor, inverter, converter units and components, electric drive control systems, electric drive speed, electromagnetic equipment, magnets, electric motors components, etc;

Electrical Engineering: Control technology, measuring technology, the regulator technology, industrial computer, networking / communications industry, radio automation, embedded systems, sensor systems, industrial image processing, transmission, electrical, testing equipment, bracket systems, electromagnetic products; mechanical engineering: assembly, handling, robotics, automated assembly handling systems and components, manufacturing equipment, industrial image processing;

(C) Energy Exhibition:

Hydropower equipment, thermal power equipment, wind power equipment, solar energy equipment, offshore equipment; biomass power generation technology, nuclear technology, power stations, various hybrid energy generation equipment; compact and portable power generation equipment; DC generators, alternators, various new energy conversion devices; transmission and distribution of energy: grid system, power system, substation equipment, transformers, EHV power transmission equipment, cables, insulators, insulation materials, instrument transformers, power inverter, and power capacitors arrester, grounding resistors, reactors; distribution equipment and control devices, switchgear, high-voltage switch, high voltage circuit breakers, low-voltage circuit breakers; fuel cells and other new energy storage technologies; development and utilization of traditional energy sources: oil, gas, coal and other traditional energy conversion , to enhance the effectiveness of carbon dioxide emission reduction technology and waste management; renewable energy: solar, natural gas, biomass, hydropower, geothermal energy related equipment, technology development and services

(Iv), digital industrial exhibition:

Product development (PLM / CAD), production and process plans, visual presentation, simulation technology, computer graphics simulation, mechanical engineering / automation, process synthesis, order processing and technical selling, industrial software, infrastructure systems and development tools, machinery manufacturing, software production software, network solutions and services;

(E) Research and Technology Development:

Basic research, applied research and technology, research and innovation services, technology transfer, technical database, business and technology combine to attract investment;