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Alimentaria 2016

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Trade Show and Market Information Summary:

Alimentaria 2016 as Spain's most important food and beverage trade fair, one of the world's most important food and beverage trade show, SIAL Exhibition with France, Germany ANUGA tied for the three major European professional food trade show. The exhibition is not only a large international food exhibition platform, it is a dialogue, a confluence of communication, information and knowledge, but also reflect the industry trend of the main space.

Spain is a big country in Europe, is an important member of the European Union, it plays an important role in the European economy. Spain belongs to the countries with high dependence on foreign trade, the market competition is very fierce. Over the years, the Spanish foreign trade deficit continued. Currently, in addition to a small number of agricultural products set restrictions, enter the Spanish market for national product is completely open. Quota management is a major non-tariff measures imposed by Spain, the Spanish implementation of the EU common import quotas. In recent years, China Spain's agricultural and food exports increased speed is quite fast, especially fish, jams, canned, frozen and dehydrated vegetables and other agricultural and sideline products.

Previous scale
Spain 39th International Food and Beverage Exhibition covering a net area of 81000 square meters, the General Staff 3896 exhibitors, international exhibitors 1013, the total number of visitors 141,000 passengers, 43,000 passengers an international audience, visiting 143 countries, media 1970. During the exhibition, a number of multilateral contract came out 1800, 80% of previous exhibitors continuous exhibitors, 90% of the exhibitors that participate in Alimentaria can establish a corporate image in the industry, it is the best time in the same profession of show business style. 2016 is the 40th, and the last to show the scale compared to larger, exhibitors and other experts in the field and will reach a new height, this session of the exhibition to bring a broader market and better opportunities for cooperation platform for exhibitors .