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Show time: 17-20 August 2016
Venue: Johannesburg Exhibition Centre
Holding period: every two years
Exhibition organizers: Specialised Exhibitions

Show Description:

South Africa International Building Materials Fair (INTERBUILD AFRICA)

Established in 1968, it has been 40 years, has developed into one of the largest professional building materials fair in Africa and access to the Union of International Fairs UFI professional certification bodies. The exhibition held every two years, the same period of the exhibition theme exhibition includes HVAC, sanitary water pipe construction exhibition, exhibition of glass and woodworking exhibition; good size and professionalism of its attracted nearly 300 buildings from more than 20 countries worldwide industry enterprises participate

exhibition. During the exhibition gathered exhibitors from Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Iran and other countries; most of the audience to have a decision-making power of leadership and construction industry professional audience; During the exhibition, the Chinese embassy in South Africa, the South African Ministry of Trade, Gauteng, South Africa, Western Cape Province, destroyed economic development Committee Zulu, South Africa Newcastle, Reddy Smith, Xiao Wei Iraqi government officials were sent to the exhibition site visit.

Market analysis:

South Africa is the continent's most economically developed countries, African countries in their economic base is also one. South Africa has a good infrastructure and more advanced technology, its GDP accounted for about 30% of the total non-foreign trade plays a decisive role in the national economy of South Africa, nearly 50% of GDP comes from foreign trade, import and export volume for several years maintained at a level of more than 600 billion dollars. South Africa is our products in Africa's largest exporter, is also China's exports to the Southern African windows and transfer station;

The South African government to invest heavily in infrastructure, civil construction, expansion project, tremendous market demand for the building materials industries. The previous import from South Africa supplies most of Europe, but prices are generally more expensive; In contrast, Chinese products have a lot of space, both from product variety, quality, price or terms, China's building materials products, production equipment and construction machinery are highly competitive market, has great potential for trade;

December 2010, China as a cooperation mechanism "BRIC countries" by the Presidency, with Russia, India, Brazil agreed to absorb South Africa as a full member to join cooperation mechanism "BRIC countries", the "BRIC" that becomes " BRICS ", and renamed the" BRIC countries "(BRICS); absorption of south Africa into the cooperation mechanism, but also to the" BRIC "to further strengthen cooperation with countries in southern Africa economic and trade relations;

South Africa is China's largest trading partner, China exports to non-superior overall product quality, good price, to meet the consumer demand for all sectors of the African population. At the same time scale, China-Africa trade structure and gradually optimized. With the increasing spending power of the African market, the technological content of Chinese exports to Africa increased significantly.


Building materials: ceramics, pottery and ceramics processing equipment, kitchen (all kinds of kitchen appliances, cabinets, air conditioning, kitchen furniture, kitchen drain devices, etc.) and the bathroom (all kinds of sanitary ware, toilet, basin, bath, shower, shower heads , faucets and fittings, bathroom mirror, bathroom hardware pendant), bedroom textiles, home decor accessories, flooring and carpet, design of interior, natural stone, artificial stone, diamond tools, plastic profile, aluminum, finishing materials, paints, paint, trim tiles, wallpaper and wall mosaics, etc., adhesives, waterproofing systems, building and equipment, HVAC, refrigeration equipment;

Floor: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminated flooring, cork flooring, all kinds of artificial board, carpets, door mats, bath mats, industrial flooring materials;

Doors: doors and windows of various materials, curtains and decorative textiles, all kinds of curtain wall structure, wall materials and profiles, window fittings and raw materials, sealing materials and insulation materials, windows and doors testing equipment, Extrusion and surface treatment equipment, molds , assembly and ventilation equipment, various types of special doors and windows, intercom systems, locking systems and equipment;

Architectural hardware: faucets, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, doors (including closet doors cabinet) windows and doors and windows hardware fittings, valves, fasteners, standard parts, bathroom facilities, bathroom accessories and decorations, sanitary hardware accessories.