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Marmomacc Verona 2016

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Marmomacc Verona 2016

Show Time: September 2016 28- October 1
Venue: International Exhibition Center in Verona, Italy
Holding period: one year term
Organizer: International Exhibition Company Verona, Italy

Show Description:

Italy Stone Exhibition - the world's stone industry's premier event

MARMOMACC stone industry is the world's largest and most authoritative exhibition has been successfully held 50 sessions, the results of the show around the world praise the industry. As the world's leading stone industry exhibition in 2015 in Verona, Italy International Stone Fair has become the best time stone industrial raw materials, processing equipment manufacturers, purchasers Chamber faces.

Like no other show like Maromomacc so focused on the stone industry, the latest technology and design, Marmomacc is the best place to meet with international buyers. An effective layout of the exhibition organization and ensure that the unit more Marmomacc is a provider of high-quality professional exhibition management decisions and come to visit professional exhibition. Rich schedule, including promotional activities, educational activities, seminars and international special events will make your stay a memorable exhibition tour. Although the global economy is changing among Verona Stone Fair but still achieved remarkable results, the Chinese enterprises to explore the international market of stone not to be missed event.

Market analysis:

Italy is a highly developed and democratic republic, the service sector, especially tourism and foreign trade, but also one of the founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union. Italy is Europe's fourth largest economy, the world's eighth largest economy, the living standards of the highest in the world. As the world's stone industry powerhouse, Italian stone mining, research more than 2,000 years of history. Italy As a founding member of the European Economic Area, the main export to radiation throughout the European Union, the United States and East Asia, Latin America. Chinese stone product quality, style can meet the needs of European consumers, high-quality products, competitively priced, and become the focus of attention of buyers. Italian market is China stone into the European market and the global market is an important channel.

According to Eurostat statistics, from January to May 2015, the Italian export of goods amounted to 360.99 billion US dollars, of which exports $ 189.14 billion, imports $ 171.86 billion. January --5 months, Italy and China's bilateral merchandise trade $ 17.58 billion, which the Italian exports to China $ 4.76 billion, accounting for 2.5% of total exports; Italy imports from China $ 12.82 billion, accounting for 7.5 of total imports %, an increase of 0.9 percentage points. As of May 2015, China is Italy's ninth largest export market and third largest source of imports.

Last review:

Exhibition area: 76,252 square meters

The number of exhibitors: 1,513 exhibitors from 58 countries and regions, including 598 Italian exhibitors, 915 international exhibitors.

Number of visitors: 65,000 people from 145 countries and regions, including Italy were 28,528 spectators, 36,472 were international visitors.


1, stone type: marble, granite, limestone, quartz, sandstone and other natural stone plate, floor tiles, wall panels, road brick, square brick, stone garden, color agate ore;

2, stone crafts: stone, stone products (stone pillars, windows, Shimen, stone carving art, stone furniture) tombstone;

3. Tools: stone cutting tools, abrasives, grinding equipment, installation tools, stone profiled processing and manufactures processing equipment, stone mold, polishing machine, abrasive blasting tools, sand saws, wire saws, etc;

4, stone mining and conservation: all kinds of natural stone blocks, mining equipment, stone cutters, wire saw, stone conservation supplies and equipment, decorative stone, adhesives, abrasives, adhesive, stone polishing, protective coatings, gasket materials.