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Tehran International Industry Exhibition (TIIE) 2016

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Tehran International Industry Exhibition (TIIE) 2016

Show Time: October 2016 5-8
Venue: Tehran International Exhibition Center
Holding period: one year term
Exhibition organizers: Grafite

Show Description:

Middle East International Industry Exhibition (TIIE) held since 2000, held annually, is the Iranian government will hold many years of well-known international trade fair is divided into industry-specific professional exhibition, owned by the Iranian Ministry of Commerce of Iran International sponsored exhibition company. It has been the formation of large-scale, international exhibitors from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries, large-scale exhibition, exhibitors, a wide range of exhibits, the market demand. An exhibition area of 43,500 square meters. A total of more than 700 companies participated in the exhibition. Six countries in the name of national exhibitors. 24 agents on behalf of participating countries. Visit personnel mainly Iranian businessmen, as well as the Middle East and West Asia businessman.

Along the way: President Xi Jinping in September 2013 and October, respectively, proposed the building of the "New Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" strategic concept, emphasizing the relevant countries to build mutual benefit and win-win "community of interests" and common development and prosperity of the "community of destiny." Iran, as a country along the way along for the promotion of Sino-Egyptian bilateral trade has played a decisive role.

1. Northern Line A: North America (USA, Canada) - North Pacific - Japan, South Korea - East Sea (Sea of Japan) - Vladivostok (Zarubino, Slavic Jan cards, etc.) - Hunchun - Yanji - Jilin - Changchun - Mongolia - Russia - Europe (Northern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe)

2. Northern Line B: Beijing - Russia - Germany - Northern Europe

3. Midline: Beijing - Zhengzhou ---- Xi'an - Urumqi - Afghanistan - Kazakhstan - Hungary - Paris

4. South Line: Quanzhou - Fuzhou - Guangzhou - Haikou - Beihai - Hanoi - Kuala Lumpur - Jakarta - Colombo - Calcutta - Nairobi - Athens - Venice

5. centerline: Lianyungang - Zhengzhou - Xi'an - Lanzhou - Xinjiang - Central Asia - Europe

Market analysis:

Iran is the market diversification strategy and the strategy of going out key areas of our country, our country in the Middle East is an important economic and trade partner. A large number of Iraqi infrastructure greatly boosting Iraq exports of machinery and equipment and related engineering equipment, and Iraq has become one of my major markets overseas project contracting and export of electromechanical products. Chinese goods of high quality suitable price, has a high degree of recognition in the Iranian market, the market share increase year by year. Iran's oil industry to industry-based, in addition to oil refining, iron and steel, automobile manufacturing, electrical, mechanical manufacturing, textile, food processing, building materials, carpets, household appliances, chemicals, metallurgy, paper making, cement and sugar and other, but the basic weak, most industrial raw materials and spare parts imported.


First, machine tools and metal processing equipment, accessories and tools exhibition:

Lathes, drilling, boring, milling machines, machining centers, flexible manufacturing cells and systems, transportation machinery and power head, grinding machines, tool grinding, gear cutting and finishing machines, Shaper, shaping machine, slotting, broaching, sawing, threading machine honing machines, grinders and polishers, deburring and chamfering machines, shears, sheet metal stamping machines, sheet metal forming machines, sheet metal processing units and systems, presses and the like.

Second, plastics, packaging machinery, materials and accessories exhibition:

Manufacturing plastic bags, mixing, coating, extrusion, film blowing, milling, heating, injection molding, marking, mold manufacturing, palletizing, resins and resin processing, waste processing; accelerator, auxiliary equipment, crushers and mixers, dried machine, temperature control devices and freezers; labeling, packing, sealing, conveyor unloader, packaging, dosage control, trim, thermal foam, vacuum and gas equipment and other machinery.

Third, the textile machinery and equipment, materials and accessories exhibition:

Textile machinery, chemical fiber machinery, spinning and auxiliary parts; winding machines, texturing machines, twisting machines; into the net, bonders, non-felting finishing machines and machines; weaving preparation equipment, looms, cluster cashmere; knitting machines, hosiery; taping machine and embroidery machine; washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, drying, finishing, cutting, cloth and pleated machinery.

Fourth, chemical machinery equipment, materials and accessories exhibition:

Chemical machinery, environmental protection machinery, mass transfer equipment, fluid machinery, fans, compressors, pumps, valves, piping, reactor equipment, drying equipment, separation equipment, enrichment equipment, crushing equipment, heat transfer equipment, molding equipment, refrigeration equipment, pressure equipment machinery.

Fifth, construction machinery, engineering machinery and equipment, materials and accessories; borrowed machinery and equipment exhibition:

Civil engineering machinery, lifting machinery, components and spare parts, road machinery, mining machinery, concrete machinery, scaffolding, construction machinery and all related components and accessories. Crane, truck, crane, concrete mixer truck, trailer pump, rollers, loaders, forklifts, concrete mixing plants, asphalt mixing plant, stabilized soil mixing station, road paver and major components, a control system, hydraulic systems, storage equipment, transportation equipment and so on.

Six other machinery exhibition:

Shoe-making equipment: cutting machine, cutting machine, various types of shoes injection molding machine, setting machine, splitting machine, inside and outside the line, work shoes machines, complex machines, steam eye machine, glue machine, cutting machine, fine milling machine, down machine, polishing machine, pressing machine, sewing machines, laser equipment and all kinds of shoe-making equipment; gas separation and liquefaction equipment, gas purification equipment, vacuum equipment, acetylene

Equipment, fluid machinery professional products and technologies; sets of technical equipment; wood processing equipment; food machinery, woodworking machinery, shoe machinery, and other machinery.

Seven industrial spare parts and related products:

(1) Power Transmission and Control

Electrical and mechanical power transmission: gears and gearing, smooth function of the gear transmission, automotive gear, steering system and the steering shaft, infinitely adjustable gear transmission (stepless change gear transmission), other gear drives, rolling bearings, plain bearings, linear technology, coupling section, brakes and brake (braking) system, belt drive and chain drive system, other power transmission components, lubricants, expert systems, power transmission accessories, motors, power transmission systems, electric drive systems and motor protection devices , engine service.

Fluid power transmission (hydraulic and pneumatic transmission): hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, cylinders and drive, hydraulic valves, hydraulic accumulator, hydraulic circuit components and hydraulic systems, test stands, hydraulic systems, industrial liquid (hydraulic oil), filter, hoses, centralized lubrication systems and lubrication pumps, air motors, cylinders, pneumatic valves, pressure regulating device, the overall pressure control means, voltage transformer, dual fluid actuators, pressure switch (pressure switch), flexible hose and pipe connections, sealing devices and accessories, services, hydraulic lifting keel blocks, cartridge valve.

(2) industrial components and sub-contracting and technology

Contracting and sub-contracting: forgings, fasteners, screws, pieces of metal products, forming a solid, non-cutting technology parts, machine cutting metal parts, auto parts, components and assembly of metal structures, tools and tooling, standard parts, mold , auto parts, locks and accessories, plastic parts and rubber processing, production and assembly services, contract services, engineering services. Production, assembly, packaging equipment

Materials: steel, aluminum and other metals, ceramics, polymers (construction materials), composite materials, and other various industrial materials and compounds

Eight, oil equipment:

Drilling, welding equipment, tank equipment, lifting, lifting, lifting, insulation, refrigeration, ventilation, remote monitoring, repair, maintenance and other equipment; generators, refueling, turbine, turbine, steam turbine, turbine and other machinery; valves, pumps, compressors, fans, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, jacks, boilers, furnaces, pressure vessels, cooling machines, flanges, pipes, hoses and connecting devices, industrial explosion-proof products, industrial power supply, power transfer means and assembly, and various ancillary equipment and chemical machinery, transformers, stabilizer, recording, filters, temperature sensors, measuring measuring instruments, filters, screens, etc.

Nine, hardware tools:

Locks, security equipment and accessories, hand tools, power tools and woodworking machinery, hardware and building materials, industrial supplies, fasteners, hardware and decorating, electrical products, lighting, fittings, gardening tools and products

X. Energy:

Energy technologies: power generation, power stations, hotspots combined system, various types of motors and power generation equipment, power distribution, energy conversion and storage, energy transmission, control equipment, frequency converters, meters, protection systems, housing supply, building system technology, electricity, gas, water network equipment, energy infrastructure

Renewable energy: solar, natural gas, biomass, hydropower, geothermal energy, and project planning services

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell

Energy services and supply: electricity, gas, water supply, energy trade, energy management, energy, software, energy consulting, e-commerce, business services, energy services, waste management services, radiology trade