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Fi India 2016

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[Show trade information and market introduction]

India Food Ingredients Exhibition (Fi India) is one of the specialized exhibition series hosted by the European UBM company in food ingredients and additives, as the theme of the show and exhibition Fi China, Japan exhibition Fi, Fi Show Brazil, Thailand Exhibition Fi, Fi Europe to promote mutual development, has deservedly become an international food ingredients business professionals the highest platform. 12 Indian Food Ingredients Exhibition (Fi India) at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, more than 5200 professional visitors from India, the United States, Singapore, Arabia, Italy and other 44 countries to visit, of which 37% were manufacturers, 13% distributors, 13% of information service providers, the number of visitors compared with 55% in 2012 to achieve phenomenal growth.
India's vast territory, abundant. 2014 to 2015, bilateral trade between India and China amounted to $ 175.45 billion. Indian exports to China of $ 80 billion, imports from China amounted to 95.45 billion US dollars, ranking the country 11th largest trading partner. Since the beginning of 2010, the Indian government would envisage in the next five years to invest heavily in the food processing industry. India's food processing industry output in 2013 has risen to 14.9% From 6% in 2012, in addition, the Government of India in 2015 aimed at processing food consumption accounts for the Indian market to raise the proportion to 20 percent, thus introduced a number of incentives to promote the development of the food processing industry, which will also help Chinese enterprises to seize the opportunity to seize market share in India. Food Megaparks a series of capital investment, foreign investment tax incentives and direct cold chain system construction, promote the development of a substantial food processing industry. For suppliers of food ingredients, with the Fi India exhibition, into the world's fastest growing major market, it is a great opportunity to expand their business.
[market expectation]
The Indian government aims to processed food consumption in 2015 accounted for 20% share of the total consumption, and now this ratio is only 2% is expected in 2025, India will become one of the world's top five economies. Therefore, as soon as possible to enter this high-growth market will help the long-term corporate earnings. Indian business culture is relationship-oriented communication, regular mail and phone incomparable with customers at the show site cordial handshake conversation, participate in India Exhibition is the cornerstone of your success. Many buyers sitting on the world's top information organizer, first-class exhibition hall and ancillary facilities and services, the Indian Government's strong support for the food industry, good accumulation of previous exhibition will undoubtedly India Food Ingredients Exhibition (Fi India) Exhibition has become your open up the market choice.