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- Local advantages
- Subsidies to support
- global cooperation
- A bridge linking
- Business training
- Legal Aid

Bridges link
Facilitate communication between government and enterprises to help enterprises solve their practical difficulties
Publicize and implement the national foreign-related economic laws, regulations and policies, reflecting the development of the industry and member companies' opinions and demands; and by national authorities, set up between the member companies in time, two-way, pragmatic and comprehensive liaison and coordination mechanisms to conduct frequent departments and enterprises between "face to face" dialogue and communication to help member companies to solve practical difficulties and problems, play a good role as a link.

global cooperation
At home and abroad to build a service platform for international economic cooperation and matchmaking
With overseas counterparts, institutions and economic organizations to establish long-term close relations of cooperation, economic and trade cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad to build a common service platform. At home and abroad to promote common development of exchanges and cooperation between the parties in terms of investment, trade, engineering services and the like.

Develop new markets
Organize and host exhibitions at home and abroad to help companies explore the international market
Organizing and assisting contractors provincial foreign trade and international exhibitions, investment, trade fairs, product description and other trade promotion activities by the National Chamber of Commerce and the provincial department in charge of the organization, to help enterprises to develop international markets and meet partners to expand foreign business.

Business training
Organize training to help companies develop the domestic and foreign professionals
In foreign trade theory, practice and risk prevention as the main content, in order to obtain new right to operate outside the company's business focus on staff training. Take the "high, medium, beginning", "long, medium and short," "centralization and decentralization", "domestic and foreign" four combination, for the province's foreign trade enterprises, offering a variety of different types of courses organizing professional seminars and expert forums to help companies develop foreign trade professionals.

Talent supply and demand service
Organizing talent supply and demand "Shuangxuan" to help companies introduce professionals
With the provincial authorities and provincial and municipal institutions jointly organized by Foreign Trade Professionals "Shuangxuan" for candidates and companies employing graduates choosing to build two-way selection platform.

Activist discipline
Improve legal services and industry self-regulation and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises operating order
Important issue on behalf of the industry to the government departments, the authorities reflect the relationship between industry and the fundamental interests of the member companies reflect the views, demands and recommendations to help member companies to solve practical problems, promote the healthy and sustainable development; to assist member companies to deal with international trade barriers to avoid trade risks, from the anti-dumping (should) v; improved management by industry branch guide enterprises to improve technology, improve product quality, comply with industry regulations, safeguard the normal order of business industry.

Information Services
Reflect the international economic and trade information to help companies understand the important exchange of experiences
By Consortium Web site "Shandong International Trade Network" (WWW.SDIBU.NET) and "Shandong International Economic and Trade Association Journal" (bimonthly), collection, transfer of new domestic and foreign economic and trade policy, new measures and new requirements, reflect the hot issues of concern enterprises, introduce guidance departments and experts, member companies exchange successful experiences and practices to help companies understand the situation, grasp the policy, knowledge, exchange of experience, business development.

Other business
International certification in technical services entrusted with guiding, coordinating and management industry organizations
In addition to these major business, Shandong International Economic and Trade Federation are gradually international standards certification, the international registration of trademarks, corporate reputation assessment and other services. At the same time, by the Office of Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, is responsible for the unified guidance, coordination and management of the Shandong Foreign Trade and Economic System eleven industry intermediary organizations.