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AAA 2016

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AAA is a biennial meeting of the organization since 1993 for Asia and the world of beekeepers in different Member States held. Beekeepers previous General Assembly to provide a good opportunity to share their experiences, exchange views in all aspects of beekeeping, but also organized a new character in beekeeping technology forum. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be in the April 24, 2016 --26 held in Jeddah Hilton Hotel hosted the 13th Asian Conference of beekeeping, bees will Bugshan Research Chair in organizing the meeting of King Saud University.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the land area of 2.25 million square kilometers, most of which are arid lowland plains, but there are rolling hills, valleys fall back on the Red Sea. Despite the long drought, short-term rainfall, but Saudi Arabia has a rich variety of plant resources, Saudi Arabia nearly 2250 kinds of flowering plants have a record. Saudi Arabia is a combination of traditional and advanced beekeeping beekeeping beekeeping technology as one country. Currently, more than 5,000 registered beekeepers in Saudi Arabia manages more than 1 million honey bees. Saudi Arabia is the world's largest consumer of honey. Apis mellifera jemenitica is the world's indigenous bee game, we need a strong ability to adapt to arid environmental conditions.

13th Asian Beekeeping Association (AAA) will invite all scientists, researchers, professional and amateur beekeepers, bee technicians, bee equipment manufacturers and suppliers, the Sudanese government, non-governmental organizations, reporters and all other stakeholders who participate in the General Assembly. At the same time the conference will beekeeping projects in the Arab / Middle East region is currently facing, climate change, energy efficiency, quality assurance, and other related issues will be discussed.