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Show time: 21-24 November 2016
Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre
Holding period: every two years

Show Description:

It was initiated in 1980, five industries Dubai Exhibition (BIG5) in the Middle East is the most influential and large-scale construction, building materials and related services exhibition. While its derivative construction machinery exhibition in the Middle East five industries, vehicles and equipment exhibition (BIG 5PMV) is focused on the Middle East, construction equipment, machinery, tools and vehicles of professional exhibition. Today, hot and sustainable development in the Middle East construction market, driven equipment, strong demand for building materials, construction machinery and vehicles, but also attracted worldwide attention. Dubai 2016 exhibition will be held five industries will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, 2016 November 21 to 24, we will continue to come from the global construction equipment, machinery, construction vehicles and equipment, material suppliers, and provides a business networking opportunities in the Middle East countries buyers face to face contact, but also for Chinese enterprises to provide a new profit platform.

Market analysis:

Data based on "Middle East Economic Digest" (MEED) GCC construction industry report (2014 edition) released by the GCC national construction award in 2013 amounted to $ 59 billion mark, civil construction market is clearly recovering. The report notes that the GCC states civil construction market has become the largest part of the project, mainly due to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar's growing economy and population. States spend hundreds of billions of dollars of dollars for infrastructure construction and upgrading. In the medium term, high oil prices and strong population growth trend will not change, these factors also contributed to the prosperity of the market.

GCC countries is estimated current civil construction project market value of about $ 1.3 trillion, including $ 935 billion project being performed under $ 81 billion tender project, $ 211 billion in the design phase of the project, and the $ 136 billion in research phase of the project. From the size of the project is being executed, the $ 81 billion to Saudi Arabia topped the UAE and Qatar were $ 6.6 billion and $ 3.2 billion. Kuwait and Oman markets with strong growth potential.

The report also predicted that by 2015 the GCC countries issuing civil construction market volume is expected to reach $ 69 billion. Since Dubai factors obtained the right to host the World Expo 2020, etc., the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are expected to narrow the gap between the size of the market.

UAE project top ten items:

Rank Name of Project sectors contract value ($ millions)

Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 Barakah3 4,000

2 Zakum oilfield (Upper Zakum Full Field) land development engineering facilities EPC2 oil 3,790

3 Ruwais refinery plant expansion project: Process Plan 2 (EP oil 3,109

Nuclear Power Plant No. 4 Barakah1 3,100

5 housing project building 2,950 UAE nationals

6 Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal Expansion Transportation 2,872

7 Ruwais refinery plant expansion project offshore development (EPC1) Oil 2,700

No. 8 Barakah2 nuclear power plants 2,500

9 Ruwais oil refinery plant expansion project 2,470

10 Pearl Dubai (Dubai Pearl) mixed type integrated project building 2,400


Building materials: Construction Hardware, building aluminum, stainless steel construction, metal building materials, lumber, building cementitious products, adhesives, paper materials, flooring, tile, construction machinery and equipment;

Cleaning and maintenance equipment: industrial cleaning equipment, household cleaning equipment, pipeline cleaning equipment, sanitation equipment maintenance equipment and cleaning supplies, security and protection systems, fire security equipment;

Stone and stone technology and equipment: marble, granite, natural stone, stone cutting machine, polishing machine, stone cleaning and maintenance techniques, stone plate, casting stone, recycled stone class, cementitious products; fountain;

Plumbing, water treatment technology: plumbing pipes and pumps, plumbing fixtures, swimming pools, fountains piping systems, seismic isolation insulation sealing materials, gas and vacuum system;

Cooling: Air conditioners, central air conditioning, electric fans, air handling equipment, storage equipment refrigeration air conditioning and refrigeration, lighting equipment, ventilation, electricity and other energy.