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IFIA 2016

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Japan International Food Ingredients and Additives / health food exhibition by the Japan Food Chemical News Agency and the United States co-sponsored by Japan branch Klaus, has held the ninth, to expand its exhibition scale year after year, it has become held in Japan the largest and the best trade of food additives food ingredients Exhibition in the Japanese food industry quite authoritative, face a greater impact, by the industry. Healthy, functional food ingredients and natural extracts become the focus of attention of the show. Visitors lacking in well-known Japanese food, food additives, food ingredients, cosmetics professional company in charge of technology, procurement and research and development personnel. We, as Chinese national exhibition pavilions Japan to participate ifia consecutive years.

According to the organizers to statistics, in 2015, the exhibition attracted a total of 400 companies from China, Korea, the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, France, the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries of the exhibitors (82 international exhibitors), the actual exhibition the net area of 6084 square meters (international exhibitors showcasing area of 855 square meters). Three days to visit the exhibition of professional and technical personnel, food production enterprises, professional trade audience of 32,961 is expected at the next audience will exceed 34,000. This year, according to the survey of exhibitors, China Pavilion renewal to visit to discuss professional audience of 900 people, on-site turnover of $ 1.4 million, $ 6.0 million deal intention, with the pavilions of the vast majority of participating companies for many years, through the three-day show, most exhibitors think the exhibition met or exceeded expectations.