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Exhibition Industry will coordinate the joint meeting system reform

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China Economic Net Beijing October 9 hearing to further implement the "State Council on further promoting reform and development of the exhibition industry" (hereinafter referred to as: "National Development No. 15"), to strengthen inter-departments and units related to the work of co-ordination, promote the exhibition industry to better serve the overall national economic and social development, recently approved by the State Council agreed to set up to promote the reform and development of the exhibition industry inter-ministerial meeting (hereinafter referred to as the Joint Meeting) system.
"Guo Fa No. 15," established exhibition industry management system and working mechanism
For a long time, the exhibition industry has not been as an independent management industry, there is no co-ordination of the exhibition industry management system, there is no clear lead department of the Exhibition Industry.
China Convention & Exhibition Society executive vice president Chu Xiangyin noted that, in practice, the state of category management and hierarchical management of a combination approach to the exhibition, by the business, technology, culture, education and other departments at all levels of CCPIT and China economic and trade respectively exhibition, science and technology, culture, education and other areas of multiple departments for approval, industry and commerce, public security, fire protection, urban management and other things involved in the regulatory functions from their point of view. Among departments lack the necessary communication and coordination mechanisms, policies grasp and approval standards are not consistent with those policies, approved, pipe out of touch, to grant escrow; lack of central, local exhibition industry development objectives, priorities and policy measures effective macro guidance and coordination.
Reform of the management system is to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the exhibition industry an important part. "Guo Fa No. 15" clearly improve the management system, establish competent commercial sector-led development and reform, education, science and technology, public security, finance, taxation, industry and commerce, customs, quality inspection, statistics, intellectual property, trade promotion and other departments and units inter-ministerial joint conference system for joint participation, co-ordination, division of labor.
Joint Meeting of co-ordination of central and local links
Joint Meeting of the Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, Business Administration, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, Press and Publication Administration of Radio (Copyright Bureau), Bureau of Intellectual Property Bureau, Trade and other 14 departments and units, the Commerce department is the lead unit of the joint meeting.
According to China Economic Net Exhibition understand Chinese channel, and further promote the joint meeting to coordinate major tasks to promote reform and development of the exhibition industry; strengthen exhibition industry development strategies, plans, policies, standards formulation and implementation; accelerate decentralization, play an intermediary organization role in strengthening a matter of ex post regulation, promote innovation and development of the exhibition industry; the implementation of taxation, finance, insurance and other aspects of the policy, optimize the exhibition industry layout, and enhance facilitation level; strengthening statistical monitoring and information sharing, improve the public service system, improve service levels; to all localities and departments to promote the reform and development of the exhibition industry guidance, supervision and summary.
In recent years, a sharp increase in the number of various types of Chinese exhibition, the rapid expansion of industrial scale, leading role in the economy has become increasingly prominent. According to the China Convention & Exhibition Society to preliminary statistics and estimates, in 2014 China organized various exhibitions over 8000 games, exhibition economy output value of 419 billion yuan. Release inter-ministerial joint conference system will promote the "National Development No. 15" carry out the work, do a good job with central and local exhibition industry to promote reform and development of convergence, to promote China's exhibition industry to market-oriented, professional and international , branding, information technology direction.