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Shenzhen "comprehensively deepen reforms in" Lock 38 Reform

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In 2014, Shenzhen, how to comprehensively deepen reforms? In yesterday introduced the "Shenzhen 2014 reform plan" in 2014 was clear as "comprehensive deepening reform Year" for how to do wanted to do, daring, quick-drying, will do, the new year reform plan clear It lists the contents of reforms, including commercial registration "three cards one" market access "negative list" system, government departments "power list", judicial and administrative divisions appropriate separation, principal teacher exchange rotation long-term mechanism, the city's poor dynamic monitoring system, to explore the conditions included in the non-permanent staff of public rental housing and social security system reform ...... a pile, a practical things, Zhizhirenxin.
First, the guiding ideology and objectives of the reform

2014 is the city's comprehensive deepening reform years. Departments at all levels must hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of "Three Represents", the scientific concept of development as guidance, thoroughly implement the party's eighteen Third Plenary Session and "CPC Central Committee on Some major issues concerning comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the" spirit, comprehensively deepen reforms to guide the overall work, wanted to do, daring, quick-drying, it will do to further tackle tough, to promote synergy, and strive to lead in key areas and key a major breakthrough on the part of the reform. To highlight the focus of economic reform, full market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, and correctly handle the relationship between government and the market, to promote the transformation of government functions; strengthen the construction of socialist democratic rule of law, promoting deliberative democracy extensive multi-institutional development, adhere to city Law, the rule of law to create a first-class city; reform of the cultural system and mechanism innovation, further emancipate the mind to stimulate vitality, accelerate the construction of cultural city; deepen social reform, and actively improve people's livelihood, accelerate the modernization of social governance, accelerate the construction of happiness Shenzhen; deepening ecological civilization reform, fully demonstrates the value of natural resources and the environment, accelerate the construction of beautiful Shenzhen; deepen the reform of party building system, maintaining the Party's advanced nature and purity, and to raise the scientific level and ability to govern.

Second, deepen economic reform, full market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources
1. Commercial Registration implement the "three cards in one", to establish and improve the follow-up comprehensive regulatory mechanism. Accelerate the commercial registration reform package system construction, credit system as the basis, establish and improve the "clear responsibilities, code of conduct, effective supervision, seamless logistic support" supporting regulatory system. Accelerate unified commercial subjects registration and license approval credit information publicity platform. Further exploration of registered capital subscribed registration system, foreign-invested enterprises and accounting firms subject qualification approval and registration system reform, promote the implementation of a business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate "three cards in one" solution.
2. Streamlining administrative examination and approval, efforts to reduce the government's direct configuration of resources. Start a new round of examination and approval system reform, a comprehensive clean-up and standardize the administrative approval items, those who were not included in the municipal administrative examination and approval directory, departments may not be approved in any form, other normative legal establishment will not be allowed outside the administrative examination and approval; further optimize the integration reduce administrative examination and approval, clearing license eligibility qualifications and certification, reducing enterprise qualification approval certification. Reduce pre-trial and pre-approval procedures, simplify the application materials, specifically processing time, optimize the administrative approval procedures, the integration of administrative examination and data resources, information resources online sharing.
3. Reform of market access and government subsidies, create a fair competitive market environment. Establishing the negative list system, according to the law to ensure equal access to all types of market players outside the list of fields. Reform of foreign investment management model, to explore the implementation of national treatment before admission plus negative foreign investment list management. Domestic circulation system reform, the rule of law of the business environment. Strict control of expenditure of funds for fiscal general competitive sectors in general competitive sectors, the government no longer funded directly run state-owned enterprises. Elimination of non-public economy in various hidden barriers, develop specific policies non-public enterprises to enter the field of franchising. Establish a sound social credit system.
4. sufficient policy space to expand, build and improve the open sea before the modern service industry system. Explore the establishment of local financial regulatory system, accelerate the improvement of the regulatory system and the central mechanism of coordination. Explore cross-border securities investment business, the establishment of the "Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement" (CEPA), "Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement" (ECFA) under the framework of a joint venture financial institutions, to carry out part of renminbi financial products across border transactions and innovative capital account foreign exchange quota management. Actively seek foreign investment national treatment before trial access to study and formulate a list of negative area of foreign investment, foreign investment in the exploration of the provincial authority in general filing system project management, shipping services before the enactment of the harbor deep core platform pilot program. Develop commercial contract selectively applicable laws of Hong Kong and Hong Kong companies can choose to perform accounting system regulations, explore the establishment of the Sea Merchants matter before the courts. Explore statutory bodies and administrative institutions, university institutes two-way flow of talent mechanism.
5. Specification of expenditure system, so that more sunlight budget more scientific and more understandable and more detailed. The establishment of government guidance and market mechanisms into the cause of people's livelihood priorities, adhere to basic security for sustainable general public services, increase financial input directly related to the proportion of people's life and health fields. Improve the budget review mechanism, to shift from a general review of key audit expenditure policy. Clear norms expenditure and revenue and expenditure or GDP linked to arrangements set spending policy of accounting for fixed costs. Explore multi-year balanced budget mechanisms and medium-term financial planning system. Specification special funds management system, to promote the establishment of special funds for legal management, the establishment of special sunlight transparent performance evaluation mechanism. Improved budgeting, improve budget performance management, budget implementation comprehensively regulate public.
6. Government explore the preparation of balance sheets, sound government finances comprehensive co-ordination mechanism. Perfect full-bore government budget system, improve the country's capital budget and the social security fund budget staffing levels. Establish a comprehensive system of government budget division of labor and co-ordination mechanism between the budget. Improve the government's financial reporting system and explore the preparation of the government balance sheet. Standardization of government debt management, fight for the lead of local autonomy issue municipal bonds. Clear the city's state-owned capital operating income turned over to the proportion and use directions. Start treasury cash management reform.
7. accelerate original rural housing land is indeed the right, improve the land value-added income distribution mechanism. Strengthen the management of state-owned land property rights, to further improve the original rural housing land is indeed the right system, and comprehensively promote the total cadastral survey and land registration, and actively explore a unified real property registration system, including both natural ecological space. Strengthening the construction of the land market, to explore the expansion of the original rural collective economic organizations operating scope of construction land market, to further improve the original rural collective economic organization of land trading rules.
8. promote resource price reform, price liberalization competitive segment. Exploration promote resource price reform of water, electricity, gas, accelerate the establishment of reflecting market supply and demand, resource scarcity, environmental damage costs the price formation mechanism, improve the basic living needs and taking into account the elements of economical use of resources tiered prices. Raise important public utilities, public services, network-based natural monopoly aspects of government pricing transparency, accept social supervision, open competitive price segment.
9. The State Assets to explore the establishment of a new model of tube-based capital, further optimize the layout and structure of state assets. Owned Assets Supervision and reform of institutional mechanisms to learn from Singapore 'Temasek' experience, change the past, the main tube asset management business practices, to form a tube-based capital owned Assets Supervision system, to better reflect the role of the state capital investors. Actively develop a mixed ownership economy, accelerate the orderly exit of state capital from general competitive sectors. Accelerate the construction of a modern enterprise system, establish and improve the decision-making Board effectiveness evaluation mechanism, improve the expatriate supervisors and CFO management system, deepen labor, personnel and distribution reform "three systems", increase market hiring professional managers efforts. Improve the regulatory classification of state-owned enterprises, after a sound investment evaluation mechanisms and investment management accountability mechanisms.
10. R & D funding ways to promote technology and financial depth of integration. Establishment of institutional mechanisms to promote the combination of technology and financial explore angel investors and equity compensation funding mechanism to guide a variety of ways, give full play to the role of various financial institutions, boosting different types of scientific and technological innovation enterprise development at different stages of development and growth. Innovation and R & D investment, the establishment of free financing and parallel financing paid, pre-and post-funded R & D funding combined with financial funding mechanism and multiple input methods, give full play to the role of guiding and amplifying special funds.
11. Joint-Stock Company to promote the pilot reform, promote sustainable development of Joint-Stock Company. In restructuring and development, regulatory norms, government and enterprises SEs separate, four aspects of equity reform, focusing on districts choose to work 5-10 Joint-Stock Company to carry out the pilot reform. The pilot joint-stock cooperative companies to local conditions, to develop implementation plans according to their actual situation, to achieve "a one policy." City Stock Corporation pilot reform leading group and districts in the pilot reform ideas formed the basis of the overall reform.
Third, strengthen the construction of socialist democracy, the rule of law to create a first-class city
12. strengthen the dominant position of the NPC in legislation, streamline the legal relationship between government agencies and the NPC. Actively explore new ways for citizens' orderly participation in legislation, new forms, adhere to open and democratic legislation. National People's Congress and government legal agencies to rationalize the relationship between the formation of legislative reform projects, bill drafting, deliberation assessment mechanism. Improve legislation seminars, hearings, feasibility studies and the publication of the draft laws and regulations for comment and other systems, to promote the SAR legislation more scientific and democratic.
13. Governments at all levels to develop a list of the powers and their departments to promote the rule of law Government. MANPOWER party and government institutional reform, strengthen Party committee, government operations coordination. Large sectors continue to improve the management system, to explore adapt to the new rules of operation of a large sector of the new system. The rational allocation of city, district, street powers to improve administrative efficiency and service capabilities. Clear specification of the mandate of government departments to develop and open government power list and operation processes, standardize the operation of power.
14. Efforts to promote the administration of public institutions to explore the establishment of institutions of corporate governance structure. Push public institutions and administrations and to rationalize the relationship between administrative and create conditions for the gradual abolition of the executive level schools, research institutes, hospitals and other units. Reforming institutions continue to improve and promote qualified institutions into enterprises or social organizations. Establish institutions of corporate governance structure, steadily promote the reform and expansion of the statutory bodies.
15. improve consultation democracy, promoting deliberative democracy extensive multi-institutional development. Further broaden consultation channels, and standardize content negotiation and consultation procedures, and actively promote the legislative consultation, administrative consultation, democratic consultation, negotiation politics, society consultations in the whole society to carry out extensive consultation, negotiation increase density, improve negotiation results. Important decisions to hear the views of the CPPCC, improve Party, scientific and democratic decision-making levels of government. CPPCC members in perfect liaison, liaison committee to improve the system.
16. improve the administrative law enforcement cooperative mechanism to promote cross-sectoral cross-industry comprehensive law enforcement. Sound street urban management law enforcement powers relatively centralized system, reduce the administrative law enforcement level, resolve cross responsibilities, multi-enforcement issues. Law enforcement forces to priority areas and village level, and improve the general administrative law enforcement and public security law enforcement cooperative mechanism to establish responsibility are united, authoritative and efficient administrative law enforcement system.
17. improve government performance evaluation system, study and explore the establishment of the civil service pay adjustment mechanism. Improve government performance evaluation system. Explore the establishment of the civil service pay adjustment mechanism, a dynamic adjustment mechanism and the average wage, price level, economic growth and other indicators linked.
18. promote institution pension security reform institutions, the establishment of a more equitable and sustainable social security system. Reform and improve the organs and institutions of the pension system, to explore the basic pension insurance system of social pooling and individual accounts of the progressive realization of the organs and institutions of the pension and corporate pension system convergence, smooth mobility channels, the establishment of a more equitable and sustainable social security system.
19. accelerate the implementation of the reform of official vehicles system, reduce the "Three" spending. Implement the "party and government organs austerity combat waste regulations" to determine the scope of the object bus reform as soon as possible, subsidy standards, public auction, staffing, retained the management of the bus specific embodiments, accelerate the bus control.
20. The reform of the judicial system, explore the establishment of adequate institutional separation of jurisdictions and administrative divisions. Actively explore the establishment with Chinese characteristics, reflecting the characteristics of the functions of the Court, in line with the law of the trial personnel classification management system, advancing the professionalization of judges reforms. Reform trial management system, explore the establishment of adequate administrative divisions trial jurisdiction and separation system, optimize the allocation of judicial resources, to ensure the independence and impartiality of the judiciary by law to exercise judicial power. Explore judges establish an open selection mechanism, staff recruitment methods court reform, attract high-quality legal professionals into the ranks of judges, promote justice, enhance the judicial authority and credibility.
21. The implementation of Complaint Letters and Visits v Interview separation mechanism, the establishment of law enforcement authorities responsible for law enforcement and the quality of lifelong responsibility down search system. Explore the establishment of Complaint Letters and Visits with ordinary petition separation mechanism, and actively guide the people to petition petitions counterpart law enforcement authorities to solve the problem according to the law. Establishment of Complaint Letters and Visits v visit separating mechanism, improve Complaint handling petition cases classification and review mechanisms and justice system, improve the rigidity of the end of the case and declare the end of the transfer mechanism. Establish law enforcement authorities responsible for the enforcement of quality lifelong and responsibility down search system. Complaint Letters and Visits to establish information sharing platform, and actively explore the law to punish illegal acts of the working mechanism of the petition, the petition to maintain order and judicial order.
Fourth, the reform of the cultural system and mechanism innovation, stimulate the cultural vitality and competitiveness
22. improve the state-owned cultural assets supervision system, increase efforts to protect the public opinion. Further rationalize the party and government departments and its relationship to your cultural enterprises and institutions to speed up the pipe from the office culture to culture change, the masses demand, guide the whole society to participate. Party committees and governments to improve supervision of state-owned cultural assets management system, accelerate the implementation of state-owned cultural company system reform, explore special Management Unit system. Improve public opinion safeguard mechanism to explore the establishment of major decision-making "full release" mechanism. Promote Internet information services management legislation, innovative government microblogging, micro-channel mode of operation, positive interaction, to respond to social concerns.
23. improve the cultural market entry and exit mechanisms, the use of market forces to the prosperity of cultural undertakings. Promoting financial capital, social capital, cultural resources combine. Promote innovation in the field of cultural industries, promote innovation elements online integration and sharing, the use of scientific and technological means to promote the circulation of cultural industries and cultural consumption. Encourage private cultural enterprises to participate in state-owned cultural units or enterprise restructuring, cooperative. Various forms of support for small and micro enterprise development culture. Improve the cultural industry investment and financing services and integrated trading platform. Innovation Fair will run enterprises do exhibition mode. The introduction of the implementation of the promotion of foreign trade of special cultural policy measures.
24. deepen cultural institutions corporate governance structure reform, improve the cultural venue management level and service quality. Establish coordination mechanisms construction of public cultural service system, integrated network construction of cultural facilities. The introduction of social forces, to achieve diversification of the supply of public cultural services. Deepen cultural institutions corporate governance structure reform, establish and improve the performance appraisal system. Expedite the implementation of public libraries, museums, cultural centers and other council set up to absorb the representatives of interested parties, professionals, all walks of life participate in the management, improve the management of cultural venues and service quality.
Fifth, deepen social reform, so that more and more equitable development results to benefit all citizens
25. deepen education reform, equity allocation to compulsory co-ordination of resources. Strengthening Degree co-ordination, school adjustment and investment land use planning. Explore the establishment of public schools system and the standardization of the principal teacher exchanges rotation long-term mechanism. Implement private school sites, construction and other preferential policies to encourage and guide social capital use of non-financial capital to participate in the school. Use of information technology to build an effective mechanism for expanding coverage of high-quality educational resources, solve the problem of school choice. Improve the funding system for students from poor families.
26. The minimum wage and wage payment security mechanism to promote low-income groups pay a reasonable growth. Establishment and level of economic development, rising living standards compatible reasonable minimum wage adjustment mechanism. Improve the collective bargaining for wages, improve the wage payment security mechanism. Sound guidance wage levels for the development of release mechanism, released by industry to develop guidance wage levels for each type of job, wage low-income groups to promote reasonable growth. Reform of institutions pay and allowances and subsidies. To increase low-income families and disadvantaged groups to help rescue efforts. Establishment of a minimum living standard dynamic adjustment mechanism. Improve the comprehensive social assistance system, the development of "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Regulations social assistance", the establishment of low-income families checking mechanism. Explore the establishment of mechanism and poverty standard international poverty line docking, the establishment of the city's dynamic poverty monitoring system and welfare system.
27. Innovative public hospital management system, will coordinate development of health care, medical services, public health, drug supply, supervision system reform. The development of "public hospital management center in Shenzhen City Interim Measures" to promote the public hospitals, according to the law of governance, sound director responsibility system, improve the public hospital performance management and internal management system. Continue to promote the public hospitals' medical separation ", establish a sound mechanism for financial assistance in public hospitals. Improve community health center operation mechanism, promote the formation of "community first diagnosis, classification treatment, two-way referral" medical treatment system. Optimization of medical service price system, perfect composite Medicare payment system under total control, introducing commercial insurance to improve the level of major diseases security. Optimization of health workers pay system, to promote the reform of personnel system and more practicing physicians. Formulate policies and measures to further promote the social construction.
28. promote grass-roots social management system reform, to build a modern urban community governance. Support for national and provincial, district-level administrative divisions adjust settings to optimize neighborhood and community settings. Reasonably determine the area, streets and community responsibilities, and enhance grassroots integrated services. According to flattened ideas, exploration and research to reduce management layers. Promote social development "Scenic Forest Project", the full implementation of the social construction of "weaving project." Rationalize the relationship between community service management body, in order to play a central role in the Party leadership, focusing on support and improve grassroots self-government system, a clear community stations, community committees, community committees in community property management companies and other duties. Ordered to absorb non-residence permanent residents to participate in community and neighborhood self-government elections. Innovation and rely on the masses to resolve conflicts and disputes mechanism. Explore the establishment of an independent professional social work profession system, and promote "social + volunteers' mode further development. Support youth and women homes of community U station, Sunshine brand and other services in the community landing.
29. deepen the reform of the household registration system, basic public services steadily resident population coverage. Improve children of migrant workers compulsory nearest school management approach, in line with many ways to protect deep-school-age children equal access to compulsory conditions. Improve population-level housing security non-permanent resident population of housing difficulties, exploring the payment of social security up to a certain number of years of non-permanent staff included in the scope of protection of public rental housing in the deep. Innovation resident population of social assistance approach, exploring the deep and continuous working and living in deep pay social security more than a certain number of years of non-permanent low-income residents, conditional step by step into the city's social security and assistance system in.
30. The improvement of the social organizations to undertake the functions of the government supporting policies, better play the role of industry associations chambers of commerce and other social organizations. Preparation and transfer of government functions to develop the directory, qualified to undertake the transfer of government functions and services purchased social organization directory, government departments to purchase services directory and ways of implementation. Improve society organizations relevant laws and regulations, the internal governance structure and comprehensive cross-sectoral regulatory system, the formation of legal supervision, administrative supervision, public supervision, social organization, self-regulation combined force. Implementation of the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Industry Association Ordinance" to develop industry and commerce and economics class social charity organization, better play the role of community type of social organization.
31. deepen the pension services industry reform, to build a new pattern of modern pension. In accordance with the social, market-oriented direction, and actively create a national pension service industry comprehensive reform pilot area. To deepen reform, improve the market mechanism as the core, in finance, banking, land, tax, human resources, technology and service models, etc., explore new ways to advance the development of pension service industry, and promote the city's old-age pension from the traditional to the modern work pension restructuring, promote the development of pension service industry from extensive to fine science shift from a main cause to the industry, the cause of both the transition.
32. promote the charity system, better play role in promoting charity for social harmony. According to "separate function, will be separation" principle, the implementation of municipal reform charity, charity set up in Shenzhen Special Economic Zones and Shenzhen Federation of Charitable Foundation. Explore the establishment of a modern management mechanism charity operation and development of philanthropic management, pension planning and construction of charity cluster parks, piloting "charitable trust" and venture philanthropy. Nurture and develop community foundations, community development mobilizing community resources and services, to carry out community mutual relief, public address community problems and improve community public welfare, to promote residents' autonomy. Innovation charitable resources docking mode, continue to run the Chinese Ci show. Strengthen the legislation in the field of charity, to promote the introduction of the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Regulations on the Promotion of philanthropy."
33. Food and Drug Administration to deepen reform, enhance food and drug safety guarantee ability and level. Accordance with the "big market" regulatory reform direction, reform and improve the city's food and drug regulatory system, promote food and drug regulatory functions and institutional consolidation, reducing the chain of custody, a clear responsibility department, optimizing resource allocation, regulatory power to enrich the grass-roots form a wide coverage, professional and high efficiency of the food and drug supervision and management system, to enhance the food and drug safety guarantee ability and level.
Sixth, ecological civilization deepen reform, accelerate the construction of beautiful Shenzhen
34. improve natural resource assets property rights system, the preparation of the city to explore the natural resources and the balance sheet. Improve natural resource assets, property registration and supervision system, the implementation of natural resource regulatory responsibility. Establishing resources and environment carrying capacity of monitoring and early warning mechanism, improve natural resource assets property rights system, the preparation of the city to explore the natural resources and the balance sheet, form a relatively complete management of natural resources and ecological regulatory system as soon as possible.
35. improve the system of paid use of resources, build social capital to attract investment in ecological and environmental protection of the market mechanism. Accelerate the promotion of energy, water, land saving and intensive use legislation. Continue to improve the ecological compensation key ecological protection areas, natural resources paid to use the mechanisms. Establishing ecological damage compensation system, the implementation of enterprises pollutant emissions control. The implementation of energy savings, carbon emissions, emission rights, water rights trading system, the first to build a sound relevant market. Build social capital to attract investment in ecological and environmental protection of the market mechanism, the implementation of a third-party environmental pollution control.
36. deepen the basic ecological control line management, to carry out ecological community planning pilot. To carry out basic ecological control line within the ecological environment, land construction, socio-economic surveys and other information, the establishment of basic information database. Establish basic ecological control line zoning system, a clear management of the main, improve construction activity limitations, community transition and other supporting policies, steadily carry out ecological community planning pilot. Sound management mechanism common basic ecological control line, the implementation of target management responsibility system.
Seven, deepen the reform of party building system, improve the scientific, democratic and law-based governance
37. A modified style of long-term mechanism to consolidate and expand the party's mass line educational practice results. Carry out the second batch of the Party's mass line educational practice, in accordance with the requirements of the central focus of the work to do. Completing the Leading Cadres take the lead to improve the work style, in-depth primary research mechanism, improve the system of direct contact and serving the people. Reform Conference document system, continue to streamline meetings and documents. Sound strict financial budget, approval and audit system, regulate "Three" funds management and use, remediation "small treasuries" and illegal use of special funds, strictly control the construction of office buildings and hotels, strict control festivals Forum exhibition, strict implementation of the provisions of the official reception . Improve the selection and appointment of special inspection and accountability system, efforts to correct the official positions such trends.
38. To strengthen integrated community Party building and promoting Project aims. Improve grassroots party building regional institutional mechanism to strengthen the service-oriented grass-roots party building, give full play to the central role of leadership in the community and Community Party various organizations and community affairs. Actively promote community party secretary and director of the neighborhood, "face it", expand the "labors" and "cross-representation" proportional. Integration of community party service centers, community centers and other service positions platform, improve and perfect the mechanism of community service, in community mobilization unit, a part-time members to participate in community building.