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Good policy in Xinjiang food prices growth plug in the wings

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"Municipal finance allocate funds 9.5 million yuan, the implementation of policies and measures to promote the food and drink industry in Xinjiang." February 11, 2014 published the autonomous region key livelihood projects, including continued support for food and drink Food City (street, district) Construction and Dining enterprises "going out" to create Xinjiang food and drink brand, and promote healthy development of the food and drink industry.
Commerce Department said the officer, in 2014, our region will have supervision over the implementation of the introduction of the relevant supporting policies, the policies and measures implemented, in particular the implementation of the catering business electricity and water gas preferential policies to reduce business operating costs. Among them, the key support for the popularization catering, food and beverage companies to support research and development organization popularization of new dishes, guide consumption. Support enterprises to set up breakfast convenience outlets, convenience services. Encourages the restaurant chain to build community stores set point. Publicity surrounding the promotion, organize exhibitions to promote the development of catering, fairs, food festival and other activities.
Reporters learned from the Commerce Department, in 2013, the district use $ 10 million per year food and drink industry development special fund to support 48 projects, including eight projects Popularization breakfast, catering Food City (street, district) Construction 23 "going out" enterprises 17. It includes support 300,000 yuan Urumqi happiness Road Food Street neighborhood characteristics to enhance the brand to build 10 million to support the Xinjiang Flaming Food Co., Ltd. "going out" development.
According to a survey of the business sector, in 2013, the district food and beverage industry as a whole flat to down, there are wang light, medium-sized high-end catering business turnover generally dropped significantly, and characteristics of public catering enterprises turnover continued to grow.
At present, Xinjiang has formed a food and drink catering Popularization main line, high-middle and low consumption simultaneously, the daily pattern of coordination and business development, a number of gourmet city, street name, boutiques basically completed the construction, food and drink industry realized out of Xinjiang Xinjiang vision.
However, the Commerce Department in 2013 livelihood project evaluation report shows that the current food and beverage industry in Xinjiang still faces many problems, one catering companies and industrial enterprises water, electricity, gas with the price policy, has not been implemented, with the price of water and electricity issues outstanding. Second, the impact of strict control of the central business expenses, such as multiple factors, high-end dining severely affected. Third catering enterprises generally face upward pressure on costs, profit margins significantly compressed. Labor costs continue to rise, accounting for 22% of the overall costs, an increase of 10%; ingredients cost more than 40%, an increase of 8%; sharply rising rents, rent catering enterprises generally account for 30% -40% of revenue, but over the past 5 annual rent renewal rents rose 100%, greatly influenced the development of catering enterprises.
"High cost of catering enterprises generally face the pressure, if the implementation of water, electricity and price incentives will effectively reduce operating costs, so that more businesses catering to benefit." Urumqi fat old man, head of catering companies Hailong said.
Data show that Xinjiang existing catering business units 37 000, individual businesses and vendors about 220,000, employing over 93 million people.